Radio and TV

The PromovideoTV broadcaster was born in the 1980s, starting its black and white broadcasts. The head office is at Gerace where he broadcasted the first broadcasts. Other operating locations are in Siderno and Reggio Calabria. Over the years, many collaborations have been held with journalists, operators and collaborators, both with broadcasters and with Italian broadcasters. To date he has become an inter-provincial broadcaster and radiates his digital terrestrial broadcasts almost on almost all of Calabria's territory and thanks to collaborations with other television broadcasters since the summer 2014 Promovideo TV is also present in Salerno and the province. Variegata is the programming that goes from information, to insights, to the no-sport cultural space, to films and space dedicated to self-production and to children. Over the years, the broadcaster has dealt with the territory by spreading the culture and the rank of the locus.

Thanks to an agreement between Fin.A and Promovideo TV, headquartered in Gerace (RC), it is now possible to follow Promovideo TV in the province of Salerno thanks to the transmitting capacity of mux Italia2Tv. The mux of the bell broadcaster, covering 39 UHF in the province of Salerno and in the upper cosentino, has been hosting the Promovideo TV (LCN97) for a few days now. These are the main sites and coverage areas: Picotta, S.Giovanni a Piro (SA) - Sapri (SA) / Scalea (CS) Tank coast, Sanza (SA) - Sanza (SA) Via S. Antonio, Teggiano - Via this agreement, Italia2Tv landed in Calabria on the LCN 171 on the frequencies of TuaChannel (VHF10) from the site of Capo Spartivento / Sao Paulo (SA) Via Marvicino, Caggiano - Polla (SA) Scialantro, Montesano On Marcellana SA - Pietrapennata (RC) and the issuer of the Chatolika Diocese; . September is rich in innovation and innovation for PROMOVIDEO TV networks both for the coverage area and for the new autumn concert. After the conquest of Battipaglia, Salerno city and province from today PROMOVIDEO TV is present with channel 97 on Lamezia city and plain of Lamezia, Curinga, Gizzeria. Falerna, San Mango d'Aquino and other cities ... besides being visible, as you well know, also on the ionos, Tyrrhenia (Gioia Tauro area), Cosenza. All this has been possible thanks to the valuable collaborations with the other Calabrian and Border broadcasters.
Tel. 0964 356325, Cell. 333 5853848
Channel 113 DTT
Frequencies: 102.100 e 100.800 FM – Jonic Area
Frequencies: 107.200 FM – Tyrrenian Area
Channel 684 DTT