Monastery of St. Anna

Over the so called “Bombarde” (named for the apparent presence of firearms in the past), stands the Monastery of St. Anna founded in 1344 by Zachary Carbone, citizen of Gerace. Passed from the Brazilian nuns to the Augustinian nuns, in 1554 were incorporated the menials of S.Venerable and in 1734 those of the monastery of St. Annunziata, and in 1797 the Brazilian of S. Pantaleon. Above the Altar of the church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, there is an altarpiece depicting St. Anne enthroned between Angels. On either side there are two statues of white marble of 1593, worthy of attention, representing St. John, S. Maria de Jesus. In the rich heritage of this church we find part of the paintings depicting St. Pantaleon (XVI sec.), S.Catherine of Alexandria (XVII century), St. Dominic Guzman (XVIII sec.), SS. Trinity. And again, the “Divina Pastora” (painting on wood of the fifteenth century), a wooden crucifix of the eighteenth century, the wooden statue of St. Clare (XVIII sec.) The round silver bust depicting S. Venerable attributed to Sebastiano Juvarra from Messina of 1704, the reliquary of St. Pantaleon.