Church of Maria SS. Carmine

It was built with a single aisle between the sixteenth and seventeenth century by the homonym Fraternal Order, whose first Statute dates back to 1777.The two aisles and the coffered ceiling were added in 1908. On the latter there is a blade of the nineteenth century. representing the owner and on the two sides we have St. Simon Stock and S.Therese of the Child Jesus. The rich heritage of the church is, among other things, a chalice and a silver ostensory of 1719, a silver chalice of 1764, two silver crowns (XVIII-XIX sec.), two silver and gold crowns and a silver crown shaped by Gerardo Sacco, the wooden statue of St.Francesco da Paola of seventeenth century. and the statue of “Madonna del Carmine” of 1750. Each year in July, during the festivities, is held a cattle show feature. Nearby there is the church of St. Nicola Camobrecone, characterized by an irregular plan, and closed to worship. Here we can admire the neo classic portal. Nearby there is also the ancient Byzantine church of St. Simeon Prophet (S. Simin) in the so called state of “ipetrale” where traces of frescoes outcrop.